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Interim Management

Winworx interim management can support you in achieving your business goals. Extensive experience and knowledge combined with a getting things done attitude can make the difference in being successful and failure. As example a few areas Winworx can provide interim management support:

  • Ad interim security management (line and/or program);
  • Security operations management;
  • Management of a ICT department (plan-, build and/or run);
  • Management of Security- or other ICT program;


Winworx consultancy can support you in getting insights and answer in specific areas. You have a program ongoing, but is it really on-track? And what is the maturity of the project- and/or line management activities? Or would you just want to exchange thoughts and experiences. As example a few areas Winworx can provide consultancy:

  • Project- and Program audits/reviews;
  • Professional coaching (i.e. being a sparring partner);
  • Presentations/training;
  • Coaching project teams;


Winworx photography can support you in business-, event-, profile and sport photography services. This service is available to both consumer as well as the business segment. As example a few areas Winworx can provide you with photography services:

  • Business (event-, profile- and team) photography;
  • Profile photography for social media;
  • Sport photography of sport events and sport clubs;
  • Training/workshop (Lightroom, street photography);

Meet Me

I am an experienced senior manager/leader. Over the years I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in many different aspects of the ICT plan-, build and run areas, including information security aspects. Over the last 10 years I have been active in senior management roles, for areas like information security (CSO), software development, business analyses, project-, program and portfolio management.

I have a no-nonsense getting things done attitude. Given my broad and deep experience I am well positioned to oversee and manage complex operations. I have included below some feedback I have received over time. A full overview of my professional career can be found on my LinkedIn page.

If you are interested to have a no-obligation talk, just leave me a note in the contact me area and I will get in touch as soon as possible.

What others say about Hans

  • Working with Hans, in his Chief Security Officer role in TMNL, was a pleasant experience. Hans is an all around professional with vast experience in management roles, in technology domain. He challenged himself by accepting the CSO role. During this course, he managed to restructure the team while in parallel to deliver challenging targets. Hans is a reliable, trustful and effective business partner.

    Lampros Iskos
    CTIO, T-Mobile Netherlands
  • I had the pleasure and privileged to work with Hans within T-Mobile Netherlands. Hans is one of the few people who can create a vision, design an strategy and translate it to a pragmatic and solid roadmap. His management skills are underlined with an a stood analytical mindset and the capability to condense complex matter into structured building blocks. I have enjoyed working with Hans on both professional and personal level and will try to keep contact the years to come.

    Tony Tromp
    Manager Security Operations & Support, T-Mobile Netherlands
  • Hans is incredible engaged and takes real ownership!! He has a very good understanding of technology development, innovation and investment steering. With his strong leadership skills he delivers on his promises in complex and challenging company environments.

    Bernd Schulte-Sprenger
    Director Innovation & Service Excellence
  • For 5 years I have had the privilege to work for Hans at T-Mobile Netherlands. Hans is constantly focussed on delivering only top quality deliverables, from his team but most of all from himself. Especially during my last period at T-Mobile, we have worked very closely and I could observe how he created in a brief period a whole new team with new responsibilities which gained respect throughout the organization. For me it has been a truly inspiring experience to have worked for this transformational leader.

    Jeroen Meijer
    Portfoliomanager, T-Mobile Netherlands
  • I know Hans as very reliable and a person whom to fully trust. He has an excellent overview about the business project portfolio and its connected costs and resources. With this, Hans drove necessary decisons in the Technology management in order to priotize and optimize the portfolio approach.

    Frank Meywerk
    CTIO, T-Mobile Netherlands
  • Hans is simply one of the best IT managers I met in my professional carreer. He has a profound understanding of the Telecom and IT business and a strong vision how to translate business demand into IT solutions. He has a strong drive and knows how to manage large groups of professionals to implement this vision and achieve tangible results for customers. Above all he is a nice collegue to work with and I would recommend him for any senior management position to get things done.

    Xanter Wilhelm
  • Hans has been deputizing for me whenever I was not available in the last couple of years. Hans is an excellent IT manager, who knows all the aspects of running an IT department, from trouble-shooting in the IT Operations, to long-term IT strategy development. Over the years, he professionalized project management
in T-Mobile as well as release management, and implemented accurate forecasting and portfolio management for the department. Hans realizes like no other, that the implementation of a new departmental process doesn’t end with the detailed level 4 process description, but more likely only starts from this point. Hans will follow up, until the process runs smoothly, and will assure proper monitoring is in place. His very structured and process oriented approach to work assures Hans will never miss an action point or deadline.

    Gerrit Dekker
    IT Director, T-Mobile Netherlands
  • Hans is simply my ideal of a CTIO, he understand Technology, Business, Time and Money. He is incredible engaged, knows the ins and outs of IT systems, architecture and design. He also have a good all round understanding of Network Technology. Hans has a very impressive capacity for overseeing many complex IT projects and understand their inter-dependencies, business prioritization and impact on the IT Factory. Hans will enrich any leadership/management team and business in search for a great IT leader or senior manager

    Kim Larsen

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